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Hello!!!! My name is Patty and I have been using essential oils for over 3 years now. I started my journey because I was overwhelmed with how many trips to the doctor we were making. Before my oiling days we would be going to the doctor at least every other week. If it wasn't for one of the kids it was for myself. Thankfully I was complaining to a friend one day and she told me about Thieves. I brushed it off at first thinking she was bat shit crazy if a drop of oil was going to keep us from having to make another trip to the Doctor. A few days later my son was sick and complaining of a sore throat so off to the doctor we went. On the drive there I told myself I needed to rethink essential oils and I needed to google the Thieves oil she told me about. Once I read it boost your immune system I knew it was worth trying.

So glad I did because 3 years later we rarely visit the doctor. While I love oils a whole lot and I’m passionate about reading every single thing I can about them I’m not a medical professional. I will not diagnose, treat or refer you to certain oils for any diseases. I encourage you to ask your doctor about oils. I also encourage you do as much research as you can, take it slow, learn your body and how it responds to oils. Oils are amazing little drops of awesome but they are also very powerful. Take control of your body and change the way you look at wellness!